Home > Projects > Support municipalities of Tirana, Vlora and Elbasan in analysing and adopting new models/schemes for socio-economic integration for Gender Based-Violence against Women (GB-VAW) survivors.

Overall  goal:

The project will enhance the capacities of local authorities, as well as other CSOs on adopting and implementing effective models for socio-economic integration of GB-VAW survivors, contributing directly to the improvement of the protection system for GB-VAW survivors.

Project pillars:

Through the implementation of the project a research study on successful models of integration will be conducted from the expert and capacity building program will be developed and delivered to local authorities and civil society organizations to increase their skills and confidence in supporting the reintegration of GB-VAW survivors and to address their needs in implementing their socio –economic plans. A mentoring program will be developed as well as to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between professionals and the opportunity to learn from each other.

Support to the municipalities of Tirana, Vlora and Elbasan will be provided to develop socio-economic integration plans for women victims of domestic and all other forms of violence. After the development of the socio—economic plans for GB-VAW survivors the monitoring of the implementation of plans will be done through local level tailored scheme and the key components of the plan will be part of it.

D&E in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Social Protectio

Donor: In the framework of the UN Joint Program “Ending Violence against Women” funded by Government of Sweden and implemented by UNDP, UN Women and UNFPA in partnership with Albanian Government

Period:  August 2020 – December 2021