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Small steps can make a big difference (Albania)

The specific objectives: To generate youth-informed evidence on young people’s experiences in the criminal justice and victim protection systems in relation to sexual violence in Albania; To promote child-friendly and victim-centred policy and practice development in Albania; To develop ethical and participatory approaches to sexual violence research with young people and to gain a better [...]

Support municipalities of Tirana, Vlora and Elbasan in analysing and adopting new models/schemes for socio-economic integration for Gender Based-Violence against Women (GB-VAW) survivors.

Overall  goal: The project will enhance the capacities of local authorities, as well as other CSOs on adopting and implementing effective models for socio-economic integration of GB-VAW survivors, contributing directly to the improvement of the protection system for GB-VAW survivors. Project pillars: Through the implementation of the project a research study on successful models of […]

Reintegration Program for Returned Migrants in Albania

Country Areas: Tirana, Durres, Lezha, Dibra, Fier, Vlora, Berat, Gjirokaster Overall goal: Activate the existing resources and create new resources to provide each individual returnee with coordinated, comprehensive assistance that secures his/her reintegration. Project pillars:   Providing coordinated, comprehensive, individualized return and reintegration assistance; Systematic participation and contribution of Public institutions and NGO-s at local and […]

Assistance for proactive identification and provision of comprehensive reintegration services of victims / potential victims of trafficking in Assistance for proactive identification and provision of comprehensive reintegration services of victims / potential victims of trafficking in Albania

Overall  goal: Increase efforts for proactive identification and sustainable reintegration of victims of trafficking in Albania. Specific objectives: – Provide comprehensive reintegration services for victims / potential victims of trafficking. – Support Mobile Units for the identification and referral of victims / potential victims of trafficking – Raise community awareness of trafficking in persons – […]

“Provision of community driven- solution with access to social services to reduce vulnerabilities and reintegration of the most at risk and victims of trafficking in Albania” part of multi-partner project “Transforming National Response to Human Trafficking in and from Albania”

Overall goal: To contribute towards an overall reduction in the prevalence of modern slavery and human trafficking in and from Albania. Project pillars: Evidence-informed strategic communication that leads to positive change in behaviours; Victim-oriented justice and effective law enforcement and prosecution; Sustainable and rights-based models for reintegration of the victims and the at-risk population; Community-driven […]

Cooperation between CSOs” groups and groups of former victims of trafficking and domestic violence for the economic empowerment of victims

Overall objective: To enhance the CSOs role in the social integration – through employment – of women who have been victims of trafficking and / or domestic violence, and to extend their geographical coverage –through reaching out across the country – in order to build partnerships between CSOs and groups (formal and informal) of former victims […]

Enhancing the reintegration efforts for victims of trafficking in Albania

The specific objectives: • To offer comprehensive reintegration services to girls and women victims of trafficking in Albania – new and on-going cases. • To contribute in the identification and assistance of males former Albanian victims of trafficking. • Increasing efforts for economic empowerment of victims of trafficking in Albania. • To contribute enhance the […]