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Tightening up the victims’ empowering systems in Albania@ Shkodër (TVESA@SH)

Duration: May 2022 – April 2025 Implementing partners: D&E - Different & Equal (Albania) in partnership with the Municipality of Shkodra and KMOP - Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece). Financed by: European Union in the framework of the programme “EU support for Social Inclusion in Albania”. Objective of the project: The project will empower survivors of trafficking and [...]

Promoting child-friendly and trauma-informed criminal justice responses for young victims of sexual violence in Albania – New Venture Fund June-November 2022

Overall Objective 1) Initiating a dialogue between young survivors and key professional stakeholders; and 2) Establishing a young survivors advisory panel with a view of it becoming an integral part of Albania’s legal monitoring system. Purpose: 1) Contribute to a change in law enforcement in Albania, specifically, to promote child-friendly and victim-centred justice for child [...]

Reintegration program for returned migrants in Albania

Country Areas: Tirana, Durres, Lezha, Dibra, Fier, Vlora, Berat, Gjirokaster Overall goal: Activate the existing resources and create new resources to provide each individual returnee with coordinated, comprehensive assistance that secures his/her reintegration. Project pillars: Providing coordinated, comprehensive, individualized return and reintegration assistance; Systematic participation and contribution of Public institutions and NGO-s at local and central [...]

Increasing access to justice for victims of crime through the provision of qualitative free legal aid

Specific objectives: Objective 1 - Provide free legal aid through professional lawyers for victims of crime including victims of trafficking, victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual abuse as well as juvenile victims. Objective 2–Development and publication of a practical guide for layers based on successful models of primary and secondary legal aid for different groups [...]

Providing comprehensive reintegration services economic empowerment and social inclusion for victimis of domestic violence, gender based violence and their children in Albania

This project will provide comprehensive reintegration services to women and girls, victims of DV-GBV and their children and families through collaboration with CRMs and Local Coordinators against Domestic Violence at local level Objective 1 - To provide rehabilitation and reintegration assistance for women and girls, victims of DV and GBV in Albania Objective 2 - [...]

Small steps can make a big difference

The specific objectives: To generate youth-informed evidence on young people’s experiences in the criminal justice and victim protection systems in relation to sexual violence in Albania; To promote child-friendly and victim-centred policy and practice development in Albania; To develop ethical and participatory approaches to sexual violence research with young people and to gain a better [...]

Provision of community driven- solution with access to social services to reduce vulnerabilities and reintegration of the most at risk and victims of trafficking in Albania” part of multi-partner project “Transforming National Response to Human Trafficking in and from Albania

Overall goal: To contribute towards an overall reduction in the prevalence of modern slavery and human trafficking in and from Albania. Project pillars: Evidence-informed strategic communication that leads to positive change in behaviours; Victim-oriented justice and effective law enforcement and prosecution; Sustainable and rights-based  models for reintegration of the victims and the at-risk population; Community-driven solutions [...]

Assistance for proactive identification and provision of comprehensive reintegration services of victims / potential victims of trafficking in Albania

Overall  goal: Increase efforts for proactive identification and sustainable reintegration of victims of trafficking in Albania. Specific objectives: – Provide comprehensive reintegration services for victims / potential victims of trafficking. – Support Mobile Units for the identification and referral of victims / potential victims of trafficking – Raise community awareness of trafficking in persons – [...]

Empowering survivors of trafficking for participation and representation in anti-trafficking work

The main goal of the project is to create an proper  environment for the sfe participation and representation of trafficking survivors in anti-trafficking work and to bring victims of trafficking into a more prominent and  useful role in protecting survivors.  Specific objectives: Support the development of anti-trafficking policies and practices that reflect the perspectives of [...]

Improving provision of services and awareness to combat Trafficking in Persons in the Balkans, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo.

Goal: To ensure that TiP victims and potential victims in the Balkans have access to comprehensive prevention, protection and reintegration through functional national and transnational coordination mechanisms for identification, case management, and community based services. Specific objectives: Objective 1: Consolidate the transnational cooperation mechanism to identify, report, and  protect TIP  victims and potential victims using [...]

Enhancing the reintegration efforts for victims of trafficking in Albania

The overall goal of this project is to provide comprehensive reintegration services and increase the efforts for improving the protection framework for victims of trafficking in Albania.     The specific objectives of project are: Increasing efforts for the reintegration of victims of trafficking in Albania through collaboration with local actors and joint case management; Expending the [...]

Providing comprehensive reintegration services and improving the protection framework for victims of trafficking in Albania

The overall goal of this project is to provide comprehensive reintegration services and increase the efforts for improving the protection framework for victims of trafficking in Albania. The specific objectives of project are: - To provide reintegration assistance for victims of trafficking and their children in Albania - Increase the capacity and professionalism of public, [...]