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My name is Ela. I grew up in a family where violence was common, where shouts and slaps were not counted…

When I was 16, I was deceived by my friends. I never thought they could hurt me.

They kept me locked up for months. I lost contacts with everyone, I lost myself. I had to do what I was asked to do. I had no choice… My sister and brother were in danger. I would do anything to protect them.

I was able to escape with police intervention. They sent me to a care center. I was scared, I didn’t have faith to anyone.

The organization helped me restart school, to attend a vocational training, and then I got a job.

Today I have control over myself and my life.

Gradually with the help of staff I began to realize that it was my opportunity to start all over again. I started to have contacts with my family. I don’t forget the first phone call with my mom.. we both cried a lot.

The organization helped me restart school, attend a vocational course, and then get a job.

Today I have control over myself and my life.

I did it, though my way was not easy.

I am proud of myself and thankful to all who have helped me.

I would like to send a message to all those girls and women who may be are in a difficult situation.

It’s never too late to ask for help. There are people and institutions that are ready to support you.

Your life is worth as much as anyone else’s life! When you remain silent for a long time you forget that you have a voice to speak.

Together we can become your voice, together we can fight trafficking!