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Overall objective: Ensuring an effective protection and legal support for victims of
trafficking based on the victim’s centre approach, as the best response to the enjoyment of
their rights, and to fight the phenomenon in general.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Monitoring of 10 cases (victims of trafficking – beneficiaries of D&E during the
    reintegration program).
  • Provide information and free legal support for victims through the assistance of the
    staff of D&E (informing them for their legal rights as victims of trafficking and
    represent them in Courts);
  • Creating successful models of protection for victims of trafficking based on best
    practices coming out from the monitoring of the cases and the direct assistance
    offered in all the procedures applied;
  • Writing an evaluation report for the level of the implementation of the laws in place,
    the performance of the State Institutions, for each case monitored.
  • Advocate for improving the legal and institutional contexts in place for ensuring an
    integrated system for the protection of victims of trafficking by applying victim
    centered approach.

Duration: August – December 2019
Donor: European Union implemented in cooperation with Centre for Civic Legal Initiatives