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The Club of the Social Cause is an informal environment dedicated to survivors of trafficking and domestic violence. Beyond socialization and involvement in various activities there are offered a range of supporting services such as fundraising, peer support, mentoring and vocational training. This common environment serves as a resource center where information is provided and a variety of activities are carried out:

The Self-Care Club

The Self-Care Club an alternative to taking care not only of the outward appearance but also of cultivating some habits associated with everyday hygiene and routine. Education to devote time to yourself through simple rituals to feel the most aesthetically cured. Tips on makeup, hair, nails and everything we need to know about caring for yourself.

Klubi i kujdesit për veten

The Art Club
Being creative is a way to to express talent and to realize beautiful things. One of the forms in which it is applied is the construction of jewelers that promote the interest of the people who are passionate about them.

Klubi i Artit

Tailoring & handicrafts  

Everyone wanted to be a stylist of himself. The Social Club aims professional courses on cutting / sewing and dressing. Also part of jobs are the traditional handicrafts  where the crafted crocheted techniques  that inherited from generation to generation never comes out of fashion.

Rrobaqepsi & Punëdore

The Kitchen Club

In our club there is also a space dedicated to the preparation of various recipes where the beneficiaries share cookies from different areas. They learn about the secrets and tricks how to become a master chef and haw to cook in healthy way.

Klubi i Kuzhinës

Drawing club for toddlers

In the social club are also realizedactivities for children . Many of them take the first painting lessons making this a stimulating experience that comes in the form of entertainment and therapeutic technique.

Klubi i vizatimit për të vegjëlit.

The Film Club

There is no such thing as missing  a ˮKinoclubˮ in the social club premises. Every week the beneficiaries choose to see a film with a certain theme.

Klubi i Filmit

The Hight-Tech Club

To facilitate the needs of the beneficiaries, there is a  angle where anyone who needs to have access to the Internet, needs to print can do it here.Additionally, this space can also be a relaxed place where beneficiaries can listen to their favorite music.


Life Skill Club

This club aims to encourage beneficiaries to develop skills in forming some key principles in accessing a healthy and safe lifestyle. Provides practical information on the implementation of behaviors that prevent diseases, weaknesses and dangers for themselves and others. Meanwhile, it prepares them to socialize and provide a healthy and cooperative environment.

Outside activities in group

Another form to break away from the daily routine is also the organization of various activities outside the center of the Social Cause Club. The beneficiaries choose as a destination a country which is a common preference by making it possible to recognize new places and socialize as closely as possible with each other