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Better together Platform

Association of Albanian Girls and Women (AAGW)

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth

Municipality of Tirana

National Coalition of Anti-Trafficking Shelters

Coalition “Justice for all”

General Directorate of Police and Police Directorates in different districts

Attorney of Serious Crimes

State Social Service/ Regional Offices of State Social Service in different districts

National Employment Service/ Regional Employment Offices

Regional Directorates of Public Professional Training No. 1 & No.4

Regional Directorate of Education and School Directories

Economic Centre for Children’s Development and Education

Centre for Civic Legal Initiatives

Child Protection Units in different districts

Counseling Line for Women and Girls

Shelter for Abused Women

National Shelter for abused women

ARSIS – Social organization for the support of Youth

Plan & Go


Christian Albanian Prisoners Association (SHKBSH)

Mary Word Loreto Foundation

Association Meridia

Faculty of Social Sciences

General Directorate of Civil State

Urat Network

Renate Network

Center for Legal Civic Initiatives – Qnl