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My story?! I do not know where to start! A father that lives 3500 km far away……..whom
becomes alive just to criticize … a sister who has a thousand problems with a small child in need
of help … then I … a young girl … fragile in appearance but with a tragic past and an uncertain

I have never met/known my mother. I was systematically violated/abused by my stepmother. Do
you know when the time that I felt “warm” in my family was? When my dad came to take care
of me in the hospital while I was sick. “You will be alright” – he often repeated, embraced and
fed me every single day. That moment of love between us ended as soon as I was recovered. My
stepmother continued the abuse towards me and my father’s criticisms.

I was only 14 years old when my sister and I left home…..endless nights in night clubs under the
influence of drugs and alcohol…….so sad….!

When I finally thought that I had realized my dream by finding a job, the nightmare started.
There I met a boy with whom I felt in love. He asked me to go to another country for a few
months to work in his business in order to recover economically. I decided to follow him without
knowing what would happen chasing that love. He sold me and handed me over to another
person. They kept me locked up during the day and at night they would force me to prostitute
myself. They raped/violated me every day. After a few months they took me to another bar.
Everything continued the same way … fear … violence … abuse … and horror…

I wanted to escape but I did not know how. Finally I met someone, a boy , and I asked him for
help. I asked him to find a car and take me straight to the police. It took us sometime but we did
it. After 12 hours in the police station I moved to the Center of ‘Different & Equal’ Organisation.
I feel lucky, I feel part of a family and together with other girls in the center we have the
opportunity to live as normal people. In the shelter I realized that I no longer want drugs in my
life and that I will seek rehabilitation at a detox center. I realized that health, family and
happiness are the most important things in this life.