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Vision: We believe in a society without trafficking, exploitation, abuse or discrimination where everyone’s rights are respected and they are free to pursue opportunities equally

Mission: D&E is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high quality reintegration services for victims of trafficking, exploitation and abuse, and to improving the legal, institutional and social context to prevent and counter these violations of human rights.

“Different & Equal” is an active member of civil society through:

  • Reintegration services for Albanian victims of trafficking and their children including residential and community services;
  • Activities to facilitate and increase access of victims of trafficking in public services;
  • Community awareness about the consequences of trafficking and the rights of victims of trafficking;
  • Activities for the evaluation of the formal labor market and increasing the access of victims to it;
  • Technical and financial support for income generation and self-employment;
  • Training for NGOs and state institutions;
  • Studies and evaluations of the process of reintegration of victims of trafficking;
  • Participation in the process of identifying victims of trafficking;
  • Information and technical advice on drafting laws and legislation to protect victims of trafficking.

And the main pillars which D&E is focused are:

  • Direct assistance to girls and women victims of trafficking, abuses and domestic violence;
  • Contribution to the assisted return of victims of trafficking, potential VoT or victims of domestic violence;
  • Direct assistance to male victims of trafficking abuses and domestic violence;
  • Increase efforts to identify victims / potential of trafficking;
  • Increase efforts for economic empowerment of victims of trafficking;
  • Enhancing cooperation with service providers and local government institutions;
  • Activities for enhancing of the rights of victims of trafficking in Albania;
  • Activities to prevent sexual violence and trafficking;
  • Empowering youth at risk to develop anti-trafficking awareness campaigns.