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Together we can fight trafficking!

My name is Ela. I grew up in a family where violence was common, where shouts and slaps were not counted… When I was 16, I was deceived by my friends. I never thought they could hurt me. They kept me locked up for months. I lost contacts with everyone, I lost myself. I had […]

You are not alone!

Never give up! It is not necessary to keep crying and blame yourself, move forward and ask for help. There are people (service providers) out there, who are willing to provide  help and for them we are not just “victims”. You should never feel weak because what empowered traffickers is our ”weakness”. L.S  beneficiary of […]

You have a right to choose!!!

I was born in a small village. Living with my parents and two brothers. I was very small, in the sixth grade, when my mother forced me to quit from school. I never forget the moment when she said to me: You’ve studied enough now you’re grown up and I have to find a man […]

Nobody becomes the victim by choice.

G. was like everyone but was not treated like everyone else. He was espoused, abused, and excluded from all without his will. He had to work since he was a little child to help his family. But that’s not enough, even if you know why? His reward was violence. A father who was only drunk […]

I retook back my life!

My mother was killed by my dad … I lived with my stepmother .. I was influenced by bed company, I ended  up badly.. I missed the warmth, no one has ever said something good to me… it seemed that i had lost any hope … I did’nt believe there was light at the end […]

Keep Moving Forward!

Jeta na sjell shumë probleme, por nuk do të thotë që ne duhet të dorëzohemi. Ne duhet të ecim përpara edhe pse me shumë përpjekje. Kur u abuzova nga ai qe duhet të më mbronte mendova se nuk e doja më jetën, se doja të vdisja. Nuk  e di  ku i gjeta forcat për të […]

One step ahead of the tragedy…

J, 18 years old .. J. had  a difficult childhood. Her parents divorced when she was a small child. She lived with the father who after marrying another woman, ended up in jail. Remaining alone and being mistreated  by the stepmother she went to live to her uncle house. One day, when he was drunk […]


My story?! I do not know where to start! A father that lives 3500 km far away……..whom becomes alive just to criticize … a sister who has a thousand problems with a small child in need of help … then I … a young girl … fragile in appearance but with a tragic past and […]

Mira: Një histori mbijetese

Mira had a great engagement party with many guests, from both families. After a while, she and her “fiancé” decided to leave Albania and move to a country in the European Union where they could have a better life. Soon her “fiancé” forced her with violence and threats to work as a prostitute for him. […]