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#BetterTogether is an independent, voluntary, non-profit platform, made of professional organization of civil society. Being created under the circumstances of Covid-19 pandemic, its vision is to inspire solidarity and support for any person, without distinction or discrimination, only so it can  ease the daily life under the conditions of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the mission of the platform focuses on functioning as a connecting bridge between donors and individuals, agents of  public institutions whose aim is to be in help to families in need and eventually to small businesses.

“Different & Equal” organization, as an active part of this platform, strongly lobbies in providing assistance to all persons in vulnerable situations. To make it as easy as possible to cope with the pandemic, this platform is focused on securing direct support to families in need and also making available the information related to immediate services, mechanisms of requiring assistance, online consulting over the legal cases, mental health and management of the created circumstance due to isolation.

Social inclusion to contribute to the support of vulnerable categories is still a challenge so in order to make this process easier we ask for your collaboration to help people who need our support.

We are all in this together, together we are better, together we’ll make it.

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