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Title of project:

Improving Lezha Municipality community resilience – Phase I

Project areas: Lezha municipality

Project Purpose: The goal of this project is to build resilience of people from vulnerable communities, including women and girls, persons with disabilities, children, youth and elderly in the Municipality of Lezha.

The project objectives are:

  • Establish a sustainable model of resilience center and hub services to the most vulnerable women and men including development of tools and mechanisms for sustainability, monitoring and evaluation of services through partnerships with local public and non-public actors;
  • Strengthen empowerment of local vulnerable communities through information sharing, referral and increased multi-sectorial coordination and approach
  • Provide unhindered, accessible and equitable integrated social care support services as per the needs of the most vulnerable women and men.


  • Support building resilience of the vulnerable communities in the Municipality of Lezha
  • Establish a model of family child care education
  • Establish a Resilience Community Center in the Municipality of Lezha that can: provide resilience support;  shift the approach to vulnerable groups and; serve as model for other municipalities
  • Improve Social Cohesion of the community in Lezha Municipality
  • Empower Individuals and families
  • Improve the provision of social support services in the Municipality of Lezha
  • Strengthen the stakeholders resilience network
  • Standardize the community resilience work and management transparency

Sub priorities:

  • Identification of the needs, securing  referral and provision of early support for individuals and families
  • Provision of appropriate long term support for victims of GBV&DV , abused or exploited children, individuals  with disabilities including their families
  • Provision of Support for development of  life and work skills  for  individuals and families
  • Provision of support for economic empowerement for victims of GBV & DV
  • Provision of different services for children including special services for the children of single mothers and victims of GBV & DV
  • Assistance and specialized services for individuals with disabilities
  • Prevention of the abuses and other risks for the population in Lezha Municipality
  • Establishing mobile services and outreach support for individuals and families in remote and rural areas
  • Developing distant counselling and referral system through  telephone helpline
  • Increasing the cross-sectorial collaboration and support for people in need of social support

Donator: Funded by USAID and implemented by UNDP Albania in close collaboration with the Municipality of Lezhë and the organization “Different & Equal”

Project period: October 2023 – April 2024