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Title of project: Tightening up the victims’ empowering systems in Albania @ Shkodër (TVESA@SH)

Project areas:  Municipality of Shkodra

Project Purpose: Extend the existing models of social care services, inclusive education and employability of groups at risk in the Municipality of Shkodra through empowering victims of trafficking & gender-based violence through social business, advanced education and victim’s childcare

Expected project results:

  • Increased knowledge and experience of the Municipality of Shkodra to design and implement integrated social services provision.
  • Increased collaboration between the civil society and the municipality.
  • Enhanced long-term sustainability of social care structures of Municipality of Shkodёr.
  • Enhanced skills & competences of survivors through the educational & employability interventions.
  • Increased cooperation between private actors including the business sector, civil society and municipality.

Donator: European Union in Albania in the framework of the program “EU Support for Social Inclusion in Albania”

Project period:  May 2022 – April 2025