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Covid-19 Emergency Fund “Arise Foundation” in support of families at risk.

In response to the Covid-19 situation with the support of Arise Foundation, the organization "Different & Equal" in cooperation with all PMF’s of Tirana has contributed to respond to all the urgent needs of many families in need. Part of the cases have been beneficiaries of the ‘’D&E’’ Reintegration Program, families in need from  Roma [...]

“Different & Equal” [D&E] is an Albanian non-for-profit organization established in May 2004 that provides reintegration services for Albanian Victims of Trafficking.

The activities planned and implemented by “Different & Equal” organization aim to meet the National Strategies and Action Plans for combating human trafficking and the organization’s obligations as a member of the National Referral Mechanism for victims of trafficking.

    Since 2004, “Different & Equal” contributes to these lines:

  • Reintegration services for Albanian victims of trafficking and their children including residential and community services;
  • Activities to facilitate and increase access of victims of trafficking in public services;
  • Community awareness about the consequences of trafficking and the rights of victims of trafficking;
  • Activities for the evaluation of the formal labor market and increasing the access of victims to it;
  • Technical and financial support for income generation and self-employment;
  • Training for NGOs and state institutions;
  • Studies and evaluations of the process of reintegration of victims of trafficking;
  • Participation in the process of identifying victims of trafficking;
  • Information and technical advice on drafting laws and legislation to protect victims of trafficking.