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Awareness raising campaign “From The Beginning”

Covid-19 Emergency Fund “Arise Foundation” in support of families at risk.

In response to the Covid-19 situation with the support of Arise Foundation, the organization "Different & Equal" in cooperation with all PMF’s of Tirana has contributed to respond to all the urgent needs of many families in need. Part of the cases have been beneficiaries of the ‘’D&E’’ Reintegration Program, families in need from  Roma [...]


#BetterTogether is an independent, voluntary, non-profit platform, made of professional organization of civil society. Being created under the circumstances of Covid-19 pandemic, its vision is to inspire solidarity and support for any person, without distinction or discrimination, only so it can  ease the daily life under the conditions of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the mission of [...]

“Different & Equal” [D&E] is an Albanian non-for-profit organization established in May 2004 that provides reintegration services for Albanian Victims of Trafficking.

The activities planned and implemented by “Different & Equal” organization aim to meet the National Strategies and Action Plans for combating human trafficking and the organization’s obligations as a member of the National Referral Mechanism for victims of trafficking.

    Since 2004, “Different & Equal” contributes to these lines:

  • Reintegration services for Albanian victims of trafficking and their children including residential and community services;
  • Activities to facilitate and increase access of victims of trafficking in public services;
  • Community awareness about the consequences of trafficking and the rights of victims of trafficking;
  • Activities for the evaluation of the formal labor market and increasing the access of victims to it;
  • Technical and financial support for income generation and self-employment;
  • Training for NGOs and state institutions;
  • Studies and evaluations of the process of reintegration of victims of trafficking;
  • Participation in the process of identifying victims of trafficking;
  • Information and technical advice on drafting laws and legislation to protect victims of trafficking.