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My story?! I do not know where to start! A father that lives 3500 km far away……..whom
becomes alive just to criticize … a sister who has a thousand problems with a small child in need
of help … then I … a young girl … fragile in appearance but with a tragic past and an uncertain

I have never met/known my mother. I was systematically violated/abused by my stepmother. Do
you know when the time that I felt “warm” in my family was? When my dad came to take care
of me in the hospital while I was sick. “You will be alright” – he often repeated, embraced and
fed me every single day. That moment of love between us ended as soon as I was recovered. My
stepmother continued the abuse towards me and my father’s criticisms.

I was only 14 years old when my sister and I left home…..endless nights in night clubs under the
influence of drugs and alcohol…….so sad….! Read More

Mira: A Survivor’s Story

Mira had a great engagement party with many guests, from both families. After a while, she and her “fiancé” decided to leave Albania and move to a country in the European Union where they could have a better life. Soon her “fiancé” forced her with violence and threats to work as a prostitute for him. Scared about her family and without any support, Mira accepted her fate. The pain was endless for her; each day her pimp maltreated and reminded her that she belonged to him. One day when Mira was without his control and overseeing, she found the courage to go to the police to ask for help. She denounced her pimp and his collaborators. “Even today I can’t understand where I found the force to undertake that action, when I trembled just hearing his voice on the telephone” she recalls. After she returned to Albania, she was referred to D&E to be assisted with reintegration services. The trafficking experience left Mira with numerous emotional, psychological and physical problems. She showed many signs of depression. Addressing her psychological and physical problems was the first objective of the assistance plan provided for Mira by a multidisciplinary team at D&E. After this with the mediation support of D&E she gradually rebuilt a relationship with her family. Later, Mira was offered the opportunity to attend a professional training course and was then supported in opening a small business which she is still managing successfully. Today Mira is proud of herself and everything she has achieved. Read More