Home > Projects > Tightening up the victims’ empowering systems in Albania@ Shkodër (TVESA@SH)

Duration: May 2022 – April 2025

Implementing partners: D&E – Different & Equal (Albania) in partnership with the Municipality of Shkodra and KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece).

Financed by: European Union in the framework of the programme “EU support for Social Inclusion in Albania”.

Objective of the project: The project will empower survivors of trafficking and gender-based violence using employment as a tool for social inclusion and social inclusion as a tool to reach employment.


Increased knowledge and experience of Municipality of Shkodra to design and

implement integrated social service provision

  1. Increased collaboration between Civil Society and municipalities
  2. Enhanced long-term sustainability of social care structures of Municipality of Shkodra
  3. Enhanced skills & competences of survivors through the educational & employability interventions
  4. Increased cooperation between private actors including the business sector with the Civil Society & the municipalities