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Project partners:

Family and Childcare Center (KMOP) is one of the oldest Greek non- profit organization, with 40 years of accumulated experience in supporting disadvantaged groups. KMOP is committed to kindling a better world and has a sound track record in the management of national and international projects, as well as experience with sub-granting schemes in the Balkan region.

Different &Equal is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high quality reintegration services for victims of trafficking, exploitation and abuse, and to improving the legal, institutional and social context to prevent and counter these violations of human rights.

Overall objective: To enhance the CSOs role in the social integration – through employment – of women who have been victims of trafficking and / or domestic violence, and to extend their geographical coverage –through reaching out across the country – in order to build partnerships between CSOs and groups (formal and informal) of former victims of trafficking and domestic violence.

Specific objectives:

  1. To enable local CSOs to implement models of economic empowerment for former victims (also) in rural and remote areas.
  2. To enable CSOs to contribute to local mechanisms and support local authorities in fulfilling their obligation of protection for victims of domestic violence and trafficking.
  3. To develop the Association of Albanian Girls and Women (AAGW) into CSO active in providing support to its members and developing tools for sustained partnership relations between local and central authorities, CSOs and former victims;
  4. To develop AAGW into a source of peer and professional support for victims.
  5. To run pilot projects and activities that employ collaboration and empowering relations in CSOs networks.

Main project activities:

  1. Capacity building – CSO trainings, best practice exchanges, publication of shadow reports
  2. Economic empowerment support (Sub -granting) – set of activities for identification and application of innovative effective economic empowerment initiatives for victims of trafficking and violence
  3. Self-support network and referral – training former victims to become peer mentors, establishment of peer support program.

Period: February 2018 – January 2021

Donor: Co-funded by the EuropeAid Programme of the European Union [Refernce: EuropeAid /155863/DD/ACT/AL; Project reference number: IPA/2017/155863-3/31