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Project areas:

The implementation of the project is in Tirana, but the beneficiaries are from all over Albania

General purpose:

Rehabilitation against all forms of violence by offering counseling and activities that address the health and well-being of young women in the community, victims of trafficking, potential victims of trafficking, victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence between the ages of 15 and 29

The main pillars of the project:

The project connects the expertise of Albanian trainers with foreign ones in the development of 4 major activities which contain 5 sessions each within them.

  • The first activity focuses on the use of fitness and physical exercises among them Pilates for creating a connection with the group of girls, victims of trafficking, abuse and violence and then sharing the methodology used with case managers of victims of trafficking, abuse and violence. The exercises, in addition to improving physical health, have an integrated approach to the release of trauma, but also the connection and social interaction of the participants with each other.
  • The second activity focuses on stress management practices and sharing self-regulation practices through expert-created sessions on mental health and emotional well-being.
  • The third activity focuses on the importance of the way we breathe, in releasing anxiety and regulating emotions and feelings. This will be linked to other techniques such as EFT (emotional release technique) and meditation.
  • The fourth activity focuses on the importance of Mindfulness and journaling as a way to regulate our emotions and the use of music and musical instruments supporting the cultural well-being of young women.


Youth National Agency / Minister of State for Youth and Children


8 Months