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I was born in a small village. Living with my parents and two brothers. I was very small, in the sixth grade, when my mother forced me to quit from school. I never forget the moment when she said to me: You’ve studied enough now you’re grown up and I have to find a man to marry. Here the conflicts began, she start to ofended, raped me, held me as a prisoner inside the house. I began to close myself off and just cry. One of the brothers, from my mother’s first marriage often said to me  that he would send me abroad to work there.

I was in isolation and in a difficult moment i tried to end my life. I suffered a lot the disconnection  from school, society,  the violence and the pressure of my mother and brother so i took the courage to denounce asking for help in the police.

Today I am a cooker and besides passion for cooking i learned to LOVE with all the beautiful passion coming into my life.

R beneficiary of D&E